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Why Miami Foods

100% friendly

Beans, grains and veggies. That's it. We make sure that no animals are used to satisfy our taste buds!

100% green

Everything we use is sustainably sourced or reusable. We freeze our food to reduce the need for plastic and waste.

100% good

Beans not Beings. No Cholesterol. Zero Palm oil. Soya from Europe not the Amazon. It's a no brainer.

100% tasty

We really know how to make healthy food taste amazing.

About us

Miami™ was created to make the plant-based food revolution a healthy one! Created by an animal loving Englishman in South Beach, Miami, and brought back across the ocean.

We are professional health hackers – taking your favourite foods and redesigning them in a way that radically lowers the saturated fats and crazy-high calories, but keeping the amazing taste. Plant-based made good.

Loui CEO
Tom Founder

What they say about Miami Foods

Zak Abel (Singer)

Truly amazing flavour and quality!

Erpingham House

We were looking for a healthier option for our plant-based burger & came across Miami. Since then, sales have increased & feedback has been incredible!

Honest Burger

Its been great working with Miami. They came up with a bespoke product for us and its been a real hit with our customers


We love working with Miami for our vegan chicken offering, which has grown massively over the last year.

Are you ready to join the revolution?


Our products

Classic Miami Burger®

Our favourite large burger patties. Similar to other plant-based patties but without the high saturated fats, coconut and palm oils.  Best served in a bun, with gherkins, diced onions, lettuce, American mustard and ketchup.

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Louisiana Chick’n® Burgers

Our shredded chick’n patties are coated in a crunchy cornbread crumb Louisiana seasoning. Best served with lettuce and plant-based mayo in a bun.

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Smoked Streaky Mini Rashers™

Remember the days when plant-based bacon resembled cheap shoe insoles?  Fear not, we’ve created some truly amazing rashers, with the texture, smell, & taste of traditional bacon.  In blind taste tests it fools the most ardent of bacon-heads, except it’s got just 0.2g of Sat Fat & 25% protein.

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Italian-Style Meatballs

Using plant protein from peas along with a delicious blend of herbs and spices, you can conjure up one of your culinary favourites with our mouth-watering meatballs that are 85% lower in saturated fat versus regular animal-based meatballs.

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Lincolnshire Sausages

Our tender and succulent Lincolnshire sausages were made using finely blended plant proteins from peas and soya beans. We’ve health-hacked the sausage business so that you can now enjoy a super tasty sausage that is 85% lower in saturated fat versus animal-based sausages.

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